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Handheld Clouds and Inflatable Tanks

German-born Uruguayan artist Luis Camnitzer created the above photograph, The Discovery of Geometry, in 1978, exploring the relationship between reality and perception. This second photography, taken by an unknown photographer, portrays a secret U.S. Army unit in World War II that made hundreds of inflatable tanks and other devices of illusion…

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The posts on this page elaborate on a collaborative book project with architect Paul Andersen. Entitled The Monuments Power The Cars: An Artistic Approach to Energy, it is an attempt to develop a concept of energy rooted in the creative imagination.

The project continues the research we began co-curating the exhibition Energy Effects: Art and Artifacts from the Landscape of Glorious Excess, presented at MCA Denver in Summer 2010.

Eastern Exterminating

The above photograph harkens back to 1912 when the Russian authorities ruling Poland at the time erected the Eastern Orthodox Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Piłsudski Square, Warsaw. Seeing it as a glaring symbol of Russia’s power and beliefs, the Polish government destroyed the cathedral in the early 1920s, a few…

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Railroads & Finger Gloves

On the left is an image of Chinese immigrant laborers building the transcontinental railroad through Wyoming using hand shovels. On the right is photograph by German artist Rebecca Horn from her 1972 performance Finger Gloves, where she attempted to perform simple tasks wearing finger extensions that she constructed out of wood…

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