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  • Each week, audience members at the Mixed Taste lecture program have the chance to win a special prize, as long as they redeem whatever "coupon" we give them. This gentleman is smiling because he just won a coupon for a half-price meal at Ted's Montana Grill.

    (Since we didn't have the heart to tell him that the restaurant wasn't aware of the arrangement, we gave him a can Que Bueno! as well.)

  • These two visitors are happy because they just won two free tickets to see King Tut at the Denver Art Museum and all they had to do was take those two used tires to the museum box office.

    Unfortunately, we neglected to tell the Denver Art Museum about the arrangement and the ensuing chain of events convinced us to end that kind of gag.

  • Keeping the gags to ourselves, we gave this lucky visitor a polar bear mascot to redeem for two free drinks in the our cafe.

  • We asked the bear (intern) to sit next to the winner for the duration of the lecture.

  • This baby is wearing a t-shirt that says, "Good for 2 Free Drinks. MCA Cafe".

some gags the MCA Denver team came up with.